Historical Society

2019 Officers:

President: Bob Lewis

Vice President: Rick Karsten

Secretary: Lisa Karsten

Treasurer: Jack Schwichtenberg

Trustees: Sue Lewis, Troy Dahle, Ginny Dale, Shar Kanne

Collections Committee: Karen Schroeder, Mary Lou Davidson

Mill Maintenance Committee: Rick Karsten, Loren Dahle, Troy Dahle, Bob Lewis, LeRoy Rockman

Cemetary Committee: Ginny Dahle, Jack Schwichtenberg

Rice County Liaison: LeRoy Rockman

Membership Chair: Troy Dahle

Publicity Chair: Ginny Dahle


The Morristown Historical Society welcomes inquiries from anyone who would like to know more about the history of Morristown and the area. We also welcome Historical information from anyone who would be interested in sharing.


We are working on getting the Mill on the National Historic Register.


We also maintain a collection of local history.


Tours of the Mill and School are available upon request.


For more information, contact Bob Lewis.


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